The scope of our services include new residential construction, residential remodeling and light commercial construction. Services are provided in three separate stages:

Development & Estimation

The success of a project can be greatly increased by involving the contractor as early as possible during the design phase. In addition to traditional estimating, Providence Homes provides Development & Estimation as a service that allows the homeowner the benefit of utilizing a contractor’s expertise, guidance, insights and innovations during the design phase. In Development & Estimation, the homeowner works with a design team consisting of the architect, the contractor, the interior designer, and the landscape architect. The role of Providence Homes is to monitor construction feasibility as it relates to the overall budget goal specified by the homeowner, and to document all assumptions made during the design process which can later be used to produce a complete set of written Project Notes. Another role is to work closely with the design team to keep the design process on schedule in order to ensure that construction can begin on the desired start date. The Development & Estimation process begins upon the signing of a Professional Services Agreement and typically includes a preliminary cost estimate and a final cost estimate. Please contact our office for more information on this service or to obtain a list of references of previous clients.

Construction Management

Providence Homes’ broad range of experience in architectural styles, an extensive list of references and an ongoing commitment to excellence provides assurance that the construction management, the quality controls, structural integrity, product knowledge and the attention to details will be among the very best in the industry.

A high level of personal attention is one of the most distinguishing aspects of construction management service offered by Providence Homes. The level of personal attention is best illustrated in the carefully planned and regularly scheduled meetings conducted by the builder with the homeowner and their design team. Each meeting follows a construction update and meeting agenda that is based upon design and selection schedules. These meetings have proven to be essential in providing the homeowner with a predictable process, a steady flow of information, and convenient, reliable access to the builder.

Warranty & Maintenance

If not handled properly, unexpected complications that can occur during the warranty period can often leave homeowners with a great deal of apprehension and frustration. Providence Homes maintains a high level of commitment of both time and resources to its warranty service. The focus of the Warranty & Maintenance service is to properly inform and prepare the homeowner for what to expect and what to do in case a problem arises and to provide a timely response to all warranty items.

Many find a peace of mind in having the original contractor provide ongoing home maintenance after the expiration of the 1 year construction warranty. Providence Homes offers a separate service contract exclusively to its customers to provide continuing preventative maintenance inspections, general maintenance and home repairs.